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Vision Loss

Understanding Migraines and Vision Loss: Exploring Ocular Migraine Types

Migraines are debilitating headaches that affect millions of people worldwide. While most associated with severe head pain, migraines can also involve various visual disturbances, including temporary vision loss. These episodes, known as ocular migraines, can be frightening and confusing for those experiencing them.

What are Migraines and Vision Loss?

Migraines are neurological conditions characterized by recurring severe headaches often accompanied by other symptoms. Vision loss or visual disturbances are common occurrences during a migraine attack, affecting approximately 20% of migraine sufferers. These visual disturbances can manifest in various ways, including… Continue reading

The Correlation Between Diabetes And Eyesight

November is Diabetes Awareness Month. For the millions of us who are at risk for diabetes, it’s a time to get educated, find resources, and make sure all those around us are aware of their risk as well. Through advocacy, program development, and education the American Diabetes Organization “aims to improve the quality of life for the over 133 million Americans living with diabetes or prediabetes. New technologies to manage diabetes, better resources to educate ourselves, and a community that’s stronger than ever.”

Just as annual physicals are important to… Continue reading

Migraine Triggers and Vision Loss

If you are someone who suffers from migraine headaches, you may also be in the 20% of people who experience ocular migraines – often realized as a precursor to a migraine.

An ocular migraine can cause vision loss or blindness in one eye for a short time — less than an hour. This happens before or along with a migraine headache. Regular migraine attacks can also cause vision problems, called an aura, which can involve flashing lights and blind spots. But these symptoms usually happen in both eyes.

This is… Continue reading

Dry Eyes and Healthy Aging

Eye drops for dry eyes

We’re rolling into another season of the year as summer winds down and the nights are getting dark earlier. September is National Healthy Ageing Month and we want to point out some advantages of annual exams and health visits. When it comes to your vision many diseases can be slowed down, stopped, or even reversed if caught early. Having routine screenings helps to give a baseline for your doctor to better be able to notice changes in your eyes.

If your eyes aren’t giving you… Continue reading



If you are someone who suffers from migraine headaches, you may also be in the 20% of people who experience ocular migraines – often realized as a precursor to a migraine.

This is a visual distortion that occurs in both eyes for a short period of time and may develop as a series of bright flickering lights that will gradually obscure your vision and then go away.

Visual migraines often appear suddenly and may create the sensation of looking through a cracked window. The visual migraine aura usually moves across… Continue reading


Eye-Exams-For Children

You may notice many preschools are starting to advertise registration for the 2019-2020 school year. Something to consider before your child enters preschool is an eye exam. Did you know that Bissell Eye Care provides comprehensive eye examinations for children as young as 6 months of age? For children under the age of one, we do not charge for the examination.

According to the American Optometric Association (AOA), “infants should have their first comprehensive eye exam at 6 months of age. Experts say 5 -10 % of preschoolers and 25… Continue reading


Safety-Tips-For-Night-DrivingHave you noticed dusk starting to come earlier in the evening? Are you among those that don’t see as well when driving at night? Did you know that 9 of every 10 decisions you make behind the wheel are based on what you see?

It doesn’t matter if you’re 16 or 60. The ability to drive represents a sense of freedom for adults of all ages. But, as we get older, changes to the body and mind can make driving increasingly difficult. Night vision worsens with age due to… Continue reading


tips-for-better-eyecareDo you take your eyes for granted? Often patients take their eyesight for granted until they begin having problems with their vision. When day-to-day activities become challenging, that will trigger a call for an eye appointment. Having good vision and healthy eyes may determine your ability to remain independent and self-sufficient.

Studies have shown that women make up 65 percent of AMD cases; 61 percent of glaucoma and cataract patients are women, and 66 percent of blind patients are women. On average women live longer and many eye problems… Continue reading


cataractsIf you are over the age of 60 and have noticed that your vision has become blurry or cloudy, you may be suffering from cataracts. April is cataract awareness month and we want to talk about what the symptoms are and how you can treat cataracts to bring your world back into focus.

Every year, thousands of Americans will suffer vision loss associated with cataracts. Cataracts form when the protein, part of what helps to make up the lens in your eye, clump together forming what appears to be a… Continue reading


Age-Related-Macular-Degeneration, Bissell Eye CareAs you age not only does your wealth of knowledge grow, but also the chances increase that you may develop Age-Related Macular Degeneration or AMD. It is important to maintain not only routine doctor appointments, but eye doctor and dental checkups as we age. Doing so may help you to have a better quality of life as you enter the golden years.

With February being national AMD awareness month we want to educate you on the signs, symptoms and treatments of AMD. Knowing not only what to look for, but… Continue reading