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Clear Sight, Better Game: Why Active Eyewear is a Must-Have in Sports

Participating in sports is a fantastic way to stay fit, improve coordination, and boost overall well-being. However, many sports come with inherent risks, and one aspect often overlooked is the protection of our most vital sensory organ: the eyes. Sports-related eye injuries are more common than you might think, but with proper awareness and the use of active eyewear, you can enjoy your favorite activities while safeguarding your vision.

The Prevalence of Sports-Related Eye Injuries

University of Illinois College of Medicine states, “Sports and recreational activities cause more than 40,000… Continue reading


Eye-Protection-In-SportsSpring arrives this month and that means spring sports are lining up into full gear. According to the to Prevent Blindness organization, “every 13 minutes, an emergency room treats a sports-related eye injury. And, 43 percent of sports-related eye injuries are to children ages 14 and younger.”

By using the right protective eye gear, the good news is that ninety percent of these eye injuries can be prevented. Know that regular glasses don’t provide enough protection. Use batting helmets with polycarbonate face shields for youth baseball.

For the… Continue reading


Extreme-Sports-Require-ClarityFor many Americans, spring cleaning is not only a time to clean, but time to pull the fun toys out of storage. Toys such as the pair of jet skis neatly tucked away in the back of the garage or the four-wheeler that is out in the shed. While most thrill seekers take safety precautions when riding these vehicles, eye protection is often forgotten.

With all the excitement these high intensity motorsports deliver, most can’t wait to hop on and go, whether on water or through the woods. While many… Continue reading


sports-eye-protection-performanceWith spring sports right around the corner, as you suit up think about eye protection. Planning ahead and having the proper eye gear when the season starts will help to keep you and your kids safe as they play a variety of sports this spring.

A Sports Safety Report by The Vision Council Academy of Ophthalmology, recommends protective eyewear for any sport, even for children who don’t wear glasses or contacts. Some states and sport organizations have requirements for shin guards but not for sports protective eyewear

Eye injuries most… Continue reading


Dr. John Bissell, Sports Eye Safety Glasses

Eye Protection – The Smart Way to Play!

Spring is a time to get out and enjoy the outdoors. Many times this means getting involved in spring sports.  As you grab your lacrosse gear, you baseball bat or other sports gear, remember that it is also important to grab your eye protection!

With about 90% of sport related eye injuries being preventable, it is time to take action. Making sure that you have the proper eye protection is key to keeping your eyes safe from foreign objects entering the… Continue reading


Bissell Eye Care, Sports Injuries

Up to 90% of sporting eye injuries are preventable!

Whether it is a sanctioned school sport, or simply a pickup game at the local park, it is important to keep you and your kids safe. Sporting eye injuries account for nearly 40,000 injuries every year, and 90% of those are preventable. When you strap on the sports gear, make sure protective eye wear is part of your uniform.

Various sports fall into one of three different categories: low risk, high risk, and very high risk. Depending on the risk level… Continue reading


Bissell Eye Care - sports eye injuryAs the snow melts it becomes time to grab the baseball bat and glove, the tennis racket, lacrosse sticks or the volleyball uniform, brush the dust off of those sneakers and get involved in sports. But one important piece of sports equipment that is often forgotten is eye protection. While a sprained ankle or pulled muscle can bother an athlete for a few weeks or even months, an eye injury can be a life changing event that may last forever.

Each year approximately 13,500 sports eye injuries result in the… Continue reading