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Introducing ALTIUS™ – Contact Lenses For Outdoor Sports Performance

Bissell Eye Care is pleased to announce we are the first optometry practice in Western Pennsylvania to carry ALTIUS™ – a new sports performance contact lens. On land sports or water activities, ALTIUS™ incorporates Light Architecture© and 360 Degree Total Immersion Technology© into a single-use soft contact lens modality to decrease visual distractions. This design allows athletes and recreationists to perform with maximum visual comfort, clarity and quickness under wide-ranging environmental conditions.

The lenses are designed for people who may or may not need vision correction and are available in two outdoor use tints, ALTIUS™ Amber and ALTIUS™ Grey-Green. ALTIUS™. These contacts are an adjunct to, not necessarily a replacement for safety glasses. You can wear these contacts and have safety glasses, or glasses or shields over it. They are designed for light enhancement and contrast, so they are good to be used for any of the designed purposes without putting the eye at risk.

Amber is engineered for dynamic, reactive sports in a wide range of outdoor light conditions. ALTIUS™ Grey-Green is engineered for open-air activities on water and land in varying outdoor light conditions.

Users found utilizing the ALTIUS™ Grey-Green soft sports contact lenses are designed to aid visual performance by enhancing contrast and enabling the wearer to see with greater clarity in outdoor activities such as:

  •         Surfing
  •         Golfing
  •         Kayaking
  •         Fly Fishing
  •         Hiking
  •         Running
  •         Cycling
  •         Equestrian
  •         Water Skiing
  •         Sailing/Boating
  •         Skateboarding


The ALTIUS AMBER soft sport contact lenses are engineered for dynamic, reactive sports in a wide range of outdoor light conditions. These soft sports contact lenses are designed to aid visual performance in athletic and recreational settings by enhancing contrast and enabling the wearer to see objects with greater clarity for athletic sports such as:

  •         Baseball
  •         Soccer
  •         Football
  •         Volleyball
  •         Lacrosse
  •         Tennis
  •         Archery
  •         Softball
  •         Rugby
  •         Hunting
  •         Sporting Clays
  •         Snow Sports


This lens is the result of decades of research to develop “game-changing” optical solutions to address a wide range of lighting conditions in sports, recreation, education or work,” said AlanW. Reichow, OD, MEd, FAAO, Founder, President & CEO of PVTI.

Both the ALTIUS™ Amber and ALTIUS™ Grey-Green can improve the vision of more than just athletes. A high school student who recently suffered a concussion reported that “I am recovering from a concussion and have had a reduced ability to read on the computer. These lenses have changed my life! I can read for a longer duration without eye strain and am wearing the lenses most days in school.”

For more information on single-use ALTIUS™ sports performance contact lenses, call Bissell Eye Care’s Bakerstown office at 724-443-6767 or the Natrona Heights Office at 724-226-0444.

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