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Bissell Eyecare, AMD, Macular DegenerationFebruary is National Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) awareness month. We want to make sure that you know what side effects to be on the lookout for. While there is not cure for Macular Degeneration early detection is key to slowing down vision loss and keeping your sight.

Macular degeneration is one of the leading causes of vision loss. It is caused by the deterioration of the central portion of the retina. The central portion of the retina, known as the macula, is responsible for focusing vision for the eye, allowing… Continue reading


Snow Blindness - Bissell Eye Care Tips

Don’t let snow blindness stop you from enjoying Winter Wonderland!

It is easy to make sure that you have the essentials; warm gloves, hats, a warm coat, good snow boots and even hand warmers for many of us. There is one piece of winter clothing that many people tend to overlook – eye gear. Having the proper eye gear can help to reduce the chances of snow blindness.

Snow blindness, also known as Photo keratitis, is when the cornea becomes inflamed from exposure to the harmful UV rays… Continue reading


New Years Resolution, Glaucoma Check, Bissell Eye Care

Make it Happen! Early detection of glaucoma is key to avoid blindness

January is Glaucoma Awareness Month. By educating people of what this disease is, how it can negatively affect your everyday way of life, and how early detection is key to slowing or even stopping the progression, we can help to reduce the number of people who will lose their vision from it.

There are over 3 million people in the United States alone who have Glaucoma with roughly 50% unaware that they have the disease. It is the… Continue reading


Technology and Eye StrainAre you a compulsive phone checker? Did you know the average person checks their phone 27 times a day? Couple that with time spent at work or school on the computer and you could be headed for overload. Let’s not forget to add time spent on a variety of social media channels such as Facebook and Pinterest. Did you know, according to Business Insider, Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg states, “the average Facebook user spends about 40 minutes a day?It’s no wonder we have headaches and our eyes… Continue reading


Diabetes and Eye CareDo you or someone that you love suffer from diabetes? With November being National Diabetes Awareness Month, we want to take the time to not only bring awareness to the effects diabetes can have on your eyes, but also on the effects the disease can have on your overall health.

While Type I Diabetes is usually discovered at a young age, and requires insulin injections to maintain the body’s proper blood sugar levels, Type 2 Diabetes (which is usually controlled with diet, exercise and oral medication) can eventually lead to… Continue reading


Eye Safety in the Workplace - Dr. John Bissell

3 out of 5 injured workers are not wearing eye protection at the time of an accident

October is eye injury prevention month. Could your job land you in the doctor’s office or the ER with an eye injury? With over 1,000 work-related eye injuries a day, it is fair to say that there are many professions in which workers can put their health and safety at risk.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that nearly three out of every five workers injured were not wearing eye protection at the… Continue reading


Staying abreast of breakthroughs in technologies present a lifeline for those diagnosed as having low vision. Many people ask “what now” when they are first diagnosed with a low vision causing disease. What is considered low vision? Low vision describes significant visual impairment that cannot be corrected fully with glasses, contact lenses, medication or eye surgery.

While there are several different causes for low vision, having an annual eye exam may help to prevent some types of progressive diseases. Breakthroughs in technology continue to offer hope to restore sight to… Continue reading


Bissell Eye Care, Child's Eye Care

It is important to identify vision problems early.

With most schools being back in session, it is safe to say another summer has come and gone. September brings about the onslaught of a busy school schedule – homework, extracurricular activities and fall sports.

Studies have shown that seeing clearly has been directly linked to successful learning of children, especially at a young age. Visual learning is critical in early childhood education, where the foundation of educational building blocks occur. Having a yearly eye exam by an optometrist offers parents the… Continue reading


Bissell Eye Care, Sports Injuries

Up to 90% of sporting eye injuries are preventable!

Whether it is a sanctioned school sport, or simply a pickup game at the local park, it is important to keep you and your kids safe. Sporting eye injuries account for nearly 40,000 injuries every year, and 90% of those are preventable. When you strap on the sports gear, make sure protective eye wear is part of your uniform.

Various sports fall into one of three different categories: low risk, high risk, and very high risk. Depending on the risk level… Continue reading


children's eye exam

Children’s eye exams before the start of school can make a difference all year long!

It’s been a great summer, but kids and parents are gearing up for a new school year.  Whether it’s the first time attending preschool or kindergarten, it’s important to make Eye Exams a Back-to-School Tradition.

According to the American Optometric Association, 49% of parents have not had an eye exam on their children who are under six years of age, by an optometrist.  A comprehensive eye exam is different that the eye… Continue reading