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Safety-Tips-For-SwimmersMemorial Day marks the start of the public pool season. Community pools open for business and we want to offer some tips to keep you and your family safe this season. All kids love a day at the pool, but the combination of intense sun and pool chemicals can wreak havoc on the eyes. There are some things you can do to make pool days pain-free for your family.

Ever had red, bloodshot eyes after a day swimming in a public pool? Exposure to the sun and pool chemicals can irritate your eye’s cornea and cause the eyes to become dry. Increased exposure to this fun in the sun may cause your eyes to become irritated. If you’re prone to getting red eyes from swimming, you should always wear goggles in the pool.

Here are some pool safety tips to keep your family healthy this summer.

  • Purchase swim goggles with UV protection so when in the pool, the eyes will be protected from the sun’s harmful rays. Adjust goggles to make them watertight.
  • Sunglasses rule when out of the water. Always wear sunglasses to shield eyes from dangerous UV rays. Eyes can get sunburned from the reflective pool.
  • Rinse chemicals from sensitive eyes with fresh tap water. Saline drops can come in handy for this task and can easily be put in pool bags.
  • Avoid swimming with contact lenses as bacteria can collect on lenses and lead to infection.

If your child experiences extreme eye irritation, blurry vision or eye pain after a day at the pool, we recommend you contact Bissell Eye Care to avoid damage or infection.

About the author: John D. Bissell, owner of Bissell Eye Care and Tri-State Low Vision Services, offers comprehensive eye examinations for the entire family, ocular disease detection and treatment, eye glasses, sun glasses, active wear, contact lenses, and low vision examinations for those with significant vision loss. He has undergone specialized training for treatment of low vision by the International Academy of Low Vision Specialists utilizing customized telescopic eyeglasses, prisms and telescopic implants for patients who qualify. The practice accepts most types of vision and health insurance plans.