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Preschool Registration and the ABCs of Your Child’s Eye Exams

Preschool registration marks a significant milestone in a child’s educational journey, opening the doors to a world of learning and discovery. Children are introduced to a structured learning environment, but they also build social and cognitive skills. In this environment, young minds take their first steps toward independence, creativity, and cooperation. Preschool offers opportunities for growth, as children prepare to immerse themselves in a nurturing environment designed to foster curiosity and a love for learning.

Did you know that 5-10% of preschoolers and 25% of school-aged children may face vision problems? Every experience a preschooler encounters is a chance for growth, and their vision plays a crucial role in guiding these learning adventures.

Between the ages of 2 and 5, your child is refining the visual skills acquired during infancy while developing new ones. As they embark on their pre-school journey, their vision becomes a key player in mastering tasks that pave the way for future academic success. Visually guided eye-hand-body coordination, fine motor skills, and visual perceptual abilities are honed, setting the stage for learning to read and write.

It’s important to understand the difference between a vision screening and a comprehensive eye examination. While vision screenings are helpful indicators, they can’t diagnose eye or vision problems conclusively. They may overlook up to 60% of children with potential issues, leaving a false sense of security. Hence, the importance of a comprehensive eye exam, especially before entering the first grade.

The American Optometric Association (AOA) emphasizes that one in four school-aged kids may have undetected vision problems, impacting crucial visual perceptual skills like recognition, comprehension, and retention.

To ensure your child’s vision is in top shape, follow these tips for their eye exams:

  • Schedule appointments during times when your child is alert and content, considering napping and eating routines.
  • Provide a detailed case history, including birth information, weight, medical history, and allergies.
  • Take note of any delays in motor development, poor eye tracking, or frequent eye rubbing or blinking.

At Bissell Eye Care our approach involves making the eye exam enjoyable for children. Our doctors utilize puppets and special lights to track and measure vision acuity. By assessing how the eyes track and turn, checking for refractive errors, and ensuring overall eye health, we make the process as smooth for a 2-year-old as for an adult.

Even if your child hasn’t mastered letters yet, we use shapes and colors for a stress-free experience. Remember, regardless of age, regular eye exams are important. If you have any concerns about your child’s vision or eye health, give our offices a call at 724-443-6767 or 724-226-0444. It’s all about setting the stage for a bright, clear future!

About Bissell Eye Care: John D. Bissell, OD owns and operates Bissell Eye Care servicing Northern Pittsburgh and Alle-Kiski Valley regions. With two locations to treat patients, we offer evening and Saturday appointments. Bissell Eye Care provides comprehensive eye examinations for the entire family beginning as early as 6 months, ocular disease detection and treatment, eyeglasses, sunglasses, activewear, contact lenses, and low vision examinations for those with significant vision loss. We accept most types of vision and health insurance plans. For more information, visit or call our Bakerstown Office at 724-443-6767 or Natrona Heights office at 724-226-0444.