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Night Driving

Tips for Night Driving

As September rolls around, the daylight hours become shorter and night driving occurs earlier in the evening. If night driving is difficult for you, millions of Americans feel the same way. Newer drivers can lack the experience to deal with night driving, not to mention the confidence. The National Safety Council says “Traffic death rates are three times greater at night than during the day.”


Here are some night driving safety tips.

  • Clean your windshield inside and out.
  • Lights matter – make sure yours are aimed correctly and working… Continue reading


Night Driving, Vision Loss, Bissell Eye CareDo you prefer to drive during the daytime?  Do you have trouble seeing at night?  If night driving is difficult, millions of Americans feel the same way.  There are many different things that may cause trouble seeing at night.  It can be as simple as needing a new eyeglass prescription, lacking vitamins, over exposure to the sun or the presence of cataracts.  If you find that you are having trouble seeing at night, contact your eye doctor to rule out diseases that could cause long… Continue reading