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eye strain


Technology and Eye StrainAre you a compulsive phone checker? Did you know the average person checks their phone 27 times a day? Couple that with time spent at work or school on the computer and you could be headed for overload. Let’s not forget to add time spent on a variety of social media channels such as Facebook and Pinterest. Did you know, according to Business Insider, Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg states, “the average Facebook user spends about 40 minutes a day?It’s no wonder we have headaches and our eyes… Continue reading


Bissell Eye Care - eye strainAre your eyes tired from working too long at your computer? Do you see your kids rubbing their eyes after staring at a tablet or laptop too long? Additional health problems such as physical fatigue, decreased productivity and increased numbers of work errors, to minor annoyances like eye twitching and red eyes can occur from eye strain.

Eye strain isn’t limited to those in the workforce. With advanced placement classes at school and time spent playing games on the computer, many children suffer from eye strain too. Take these steps… Continue reading


eyestrain Do your eyes hurt after a day at the office?

Think about all the screens you use every day – desktop, laptop, tablets, ipads, and smart phones.  “Digital Eye Strain” is the level of eye discomfort that occurs for many users.

Symptoms included are dry eyes, blurry vision, fatigue and neck and shoulder cramping. In a recent survey released by the Vision Council, a trade group for makers of eye care products, warned of serious long-term eye risk, including macular degeneration and cataracts.

Because of intense staring,… Continue reading