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Eye Injury

Fireworks Eye Safety

Family gatherings, picnics and many community celebration events are returning to pre-Covid normal. That doesn’t mean that families won’t bring the fireworks celebrations closer to home releasing fireworks in their own backyards. Fireworks can easily be found everywhere this time of the year and many are advertised like toys. Each year, thousands of people are injured by fireworks in June and July and almost half of those injured are children and teenagers.

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, the most recent Consumer Product Safety Commission report found that… Continue reading


workplace-eye-safetyEvery day more than 2,000 people suffer from eye injuries while they are at work. One in 10 injuries may result in one or more missed days of work. With these statistics, we cannot stress enough the importance of workplace eye safety.

Many people feel that their glasses are sufficient to protect against eye injuries. While they do help to prevent foreign objects from entering your eye, they are not your best form of defense. Having the proper safety goggles can help keep you from being the 10-20% of those… Continue reading


Bissell Eye Care - Halloween Eye  SafetyThere’s a nip in the air, pumpkin patches are in full swing and children’s Halloween costumes are being planned. We wanted to offer a few tips to ensure a safe and enjoyable holiday for you and your family.

Does your costume block your vision?

Masks, wigs and eye patches may make an outfit complete, but make sure these accessories don’t significantly obstruct your field of view. Some masks are very dangerous for children because they block their side vision and can cause a trip hazard. A better, safer option is… Continue reading


Summer is rolling right along and the 4th of July with all the celebrations and of course fireworks will be popping up everywhere.  The best way to enjoy fireworks this 4th of July is to attend a professional public display.  Pittsburgh and the surrounding communities offer a variety of options.

Did you know… sparklers can easily ignite clothing and generally burn at 1,200-2,000 degrees Fahrenheit — hot enough to cause third-degree burns to the skin?

Out-of-control bottle rockets are responsible for many serious eye injuries, including corneal… Continue reading

Eye Injuries and Snowball Fights

Avoid eye injuries from snowball fights. Pittsburgh has seen a good dose of winter already.  We’ve encountered delays and school closings due to the arctic temperatures. But those same winter conditions are ripe for eye injuries received as a result of a good snowball fight.

The fact is that children and adults will always enjoy a good romp in the snow, making snow forts, snow angels sledding and throwing snowballs. So, please play it safe and avoid eye injuries.  Never aim for the head and do not use… Continue reading

Eye Injury Emergency Tips


According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, approximately 44% of eye injuries occur in the home.  Wearing the proper eye protection can help to prevent eye injuries.  However, should an eye injury occur notify your optometrist and seek medical attention immediately.

For Chemical Burns:

  • Immediately flush the eye with water by holding the eye under a faucet or shower.  Or pour the water into the eye using a clean container while keeping the eye open as wide as possible while flushing.
  • DO NOT use an eye… Continue reading