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color blindness

Color Blindness Affects Learning

As toddlers grow, some of the first things they learn are colors and shapes.  When you think about early children’s games such as Candyland, Go Fish, and Uno – they all depend on recognizing colors.  Children that have color blindness will have trouble distinguishing between colors, or not be able to recognize color at all.  Color vision deficiency, or color blindness, is a hereditary trait that has a 50% chance to be genetically passed down.

As children enter school the problem continues as most grade schools focus… Continue reading


color blindness

Have you inherited one of the three main types of color blindness?

For many people being, able to walk along a crowded downtown street, look up at the streetlight, and be able to see if the light is red, yellow, or green, is a common occurrence that we rarely think twice about. There are many people, however, who have never experienced this. They are color blind or are color blind to some degree.

While color blindness is most common in men, affecting as many as 8% of men, it can… Continue reading