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Bissell Eye Care Children's Sunglasses

Protect your child’s eyes with fun sunglasses!

We all love sunshine, but the UV rays that the sun puts out aren’t good for our eyes. As adults, we put on sunglasses and enjoy the outdoors. But, how often do you see kids wearing sunglasses? Children spend much more time outdoors than many adults and it’s important for them to have sunglasses that block 100 percent of the UV rays.

Young children and toddlers will mimic what they see their parents and older siblings doing. If they express interest in wearing… Continue reading


Summer is rolling right along and the 4th of July with all the celebrations and of course fireworks will be popping up everywhere.  The best way to enjoy fireworks this 4th of July is to attend a professional public display.  Pittsburgh and the surrounding communities offer a variety of options.

Did you know… sparklers can easily ignite clothing and generally burn at 1,200-2,000 degrees Fahrenheit — hot enough to cause third-degree burns to the skin?

Out-of-control bottle rockets are responsible for many serious eye injuries, including corneal… Continue reading


Are you ready for new technology and wearable headgear? Google Glass is a wearable computer with an optical head mounted display paving the wave of the future. Technology is ever evolving and Bissell Eye Care is now an approved vendor for Google Glass. You may have noticed the photo on our Facebook Page. We wanted to weigh in on your thoughts about technology.

The new technology isn’t available on all frame types. In a partnership with eyewear company Luxottica, Google provides four prescription frame choices for about $225.00 U.S.

Voice… Continue reading


Bissell Eyecare Computer Eyestrain ImageDid you know according to the American Optometric Association that 75% of computer workers complain of eye strain?  Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) occurs when the eyes focus on the computer display for a protracted amount of time resulting fatigue, eye strain and dry eyes.  According to the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, computer vision syndrome affects some 90% of the people who spend three hours or more a day at a computer.

It’s no wonder with the amount of time we spend in front of… Continue reading


Bissell Eyecare Child Eye ExamDid you know that Bissell Eye Care provides eye examinations for children as young as 6 months of age? For children under the age of one we do not charge for the examination.

According to the American Optometric Association (AOA), “infants should have their first comprehensive eye at 6 months of age. Experts say 5 -10 % of preschoolers and 25 % of school-aged children have vision problems.  Early identification of a child’s vision problem is crucial because, if left untreated, some childhood vision problems can cause permanent vision… Continue reading


contact lensesChildren are beginning to wear glasses at a younger age than ever before.  Increased cases of overuse and eyestrain needing visual correction are being realized with the high demand and usage of technology gadgets, iPads and tablets, computers and cell phones that are used by young children.

Competitive sports add a different component in the need to see distance, increased chance of eye injury from glasses in contact sports and difficulty in seeing during inclement weather.  These factors are prompting the switch to contact lenses.

The Contact Lenses… Continue reading


bissell-sizedAs a high school student, Dr. John Bissell always knew he wanted to be an optometrist.  He job shadowed under Dr. Roger Johnson and learned first-hand what owning your own practice meant.   In April 2010, Dr. Bissell had an opportunity to purchase his first practice in Bakerstown.

During Dr. Bissell’s early years in private practice, Dr. Johnson continued to serve as a mentor.  Bissell Eye Care has quickly grown over the past four years to become a premiere eye care center serving the northern Pittsburgh suburbs.… Continue reading


Guess FramesIt’s time to update your look here are some tips on choosing the best eyeglass frames for your facial features and body makeup.  Don’t be overwhelmed with the amount of eyeglass frames and styles to choose from.    Our technicians are trained to help you select the best fit for your face and body make up from the many brands of eye glass frames featured in our showroom.

Cosmopolitan Magazine recently highlighted how celebrities are choosing the right style to fit their facial features.  Glasses become a… Continue reading


eyestrain Do your eyes hurt after a day at the office?

Think about all the screens you use every day – desktop, laptop, tablets, ipads, and smart phones.  “Digital Eye Strain” is the level of eye discomfort that occurs for many users.

Symptoms included are dry eyes, blurry vision, fatigue and neck and shoulder cramping. In a recent survey released by the Vision Council, a trade group for makers of eye care products, warned of serious long-term eye risk, including macular degeneration and cataracts.

Because of intense staring,… Continue reading

Eye Injuries and Snowball Fights

Avoid eye injuries from snowball fights. Pittsburgh has seen a good dose of winter already.  We’ve encountered delays and school closings due to the arctic temperatures. But those same winter conditions are ripe for eye injuries received as a result of a good snowball fight.

The fact is that children and adults will always enjoy a good romp in the snow, making snow forts, snow angels sledding and throwing snowballs. So, please play it safe and avoid eye injuries.  Never aim for the head and do not use… Continue reading