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Staying abreast of breakthroughs in technologies present a lifeline for those diagnosed as having low vision. Many people ask “what now” when they are first diagnosed with a low vision causing disease. What is considered low vision? Low vision describes significant visual impairment that cannot be corrected fully with glasses, contact lenses, medication or eye surgery.

While there are several different causes for low vision, having an annual eye exam may help to prevent some types of progressive diseases. Breakthroughs in technology continue to offer hope to restore sight to people who suffer from the diseases that cause low vision. We previously shared information on implants and prescription telescopic glasses. eSight is one of those companies that is helping to bring vision back to people who suffer from low vision.

eSight is eyewear that is made up of 2 different components. The headset houses a high-definition camera, OLED screens, and technologies used to simultaneously capture and display real-time video feeds. The controller is the brains of the eSight eyewear. It is responsible for processing the video that is being taken by the headset and simultaneously converting it pixel by pixel into a real time video that is displayed on the OLED screens that are kept in the headset. It is also where the batteries are contained that power this new cutting edge technology.

Watch the short video to learn how eSight brings hope to those challenged by low vision.

While it may look like a 3D game of the future, these glasses work by capturing the video, processing it and then displaying the video on the screens contained in the headset. They are designed to fit over and work with your current prescription glasses, and help by magnifying everything that is seen by the camera and projecting it onto the two screens located in the headset.

Creativity throughout the development process has allowed the user the ability to adjust the headset lenses tint level depending on the light setting in which you are using the eSight glasses.

The cost of the eSight component is around $15,000 and is available in Canada and the US. There are fundraising programs available that the company can help you with. eSight does not raise funds for their patients, but guides them in the steps to tell their particular story and ask for financial support to purchase the glasses.

While these glasses will not make everything crystal clear, or completely overcome the side effects of having a low vision causing disease, they do help to make life just that much easier by allowing the user the ability to better see the world. The technologies in this device may be enough to make a major difference in a person’s life allowing them the gift of independence.

About the author: John D. Bissell, owner of Bissell Eye Care and Tri-State Low Vision Services, offers comprehensive eye examinations for the entire family, ocular disease detection and treatment, eye glasses, sun glasses, active wear, contact lenses, and low vision examinations for those with significant vision loss. He has undergone specialized training for treatment of low vision by the International Academy of Low Vision Specialists utilizing customized telescopic eyeglasses, prisms and telescopic implants for patients who qualify. The practice accepts most types of vision and health insurance plans.