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Snow blindness

Sunglasses – Not Just for Summer Months

Sunshine and snow – a winning combination that brings sledding, tubing, and skiing.  When you break out the snow gear and get ready to go sled riding make sure that the proper eye gear and sunglasses are on the list.  Having the proper eyewear can help to reduce the chances of developing snow blindness.

Sunburn can only occur during the summer – right? Wrong. Sunburn is caused by excessive ultraviolet (UV) light exposure. The amount of the sun’s UV light that reaches us is highest over the summer… Continue reading


Snow Blindness - Bissell Eye Care Tips

Don’t let snow blindness stop you from enjoying Winter Wonderland!

It is easy to make sure that you have the essentials; warm gloves, hats, a warm coat, good snow boots and even hand warmers for many of us. There is one piece of winter clothing that many people tend to overlook – eye gear. Having the proper eye gear can help to reduce the chances of snow blindness.

Snow blindness, also known as Photo keratitis, is when the cornea becomes inflamed from exposure to the harmful UV rays… Continue reading